Lawyer in Romania

lawyer in Romania

    Adrian Țapu is the expression of a successful lawyer. An attorney that runs his law office like any servant of Goddess Themis should. Are you looking for legal services? You have come to the right place. A website that offers it’s visitors information about legislative changes in Romania, about the problems that a foreigner might run into.

    Being a lawyer in Romania, like everywhere else in the world, means being at the service of those who need to defend their rights, to obtain what is rightfully theirs and keep away those who don’t obey the law. A Romanian lawyer has the same merits as any other lawyer in the European Union and Adrian Țapu will convince you of this.

    We offer counselling to companies and business people. Adrian Țapu Law Office makes efforts to keep it’s service standard high, a level at which we believe every law firm in Bucharest or any other city in Romania aim to be. A member of the Bucharest Bar, Adrian Țapu is an exponent of an old Romanian legal tradition in which the client is provided with the best possible legal services.

Law firm in Bucharest

lawfirm in Bucharest

    Adrian Țapu Law Office is located in Bucharest on Emil Gârleanu Street, no. 13, building A9, entrance 1, apt. 1, District 3, with easy access from Nerva Traian Blvd. You can call us at +40768980740 or you can reach us though our location on Google Maps.

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    At the same time, you can easily contact us though the form in our contact page.

    Adrian Țapu Law Office will be happy to provide any legal service in our area of expertize. Our law office, like other law firms in Bucharest, is loial to it’s clients and completely professional. We will also be honoured to defend your interests.

Attorney in Romania

    Romanian legislation is, in fact, based on the same principles as the other representative European legislations. The years of communist rule have succeeded, however, to overturn the consacrated values of a state of law, and the return to what is legal and normal has been difficult.

    The reinstatement and maintenance of the democratic values of a state of law are the objective pursued by the entire Romanian legal system. It is the duty of any lawyer in Romania to lead their clients in the sometimes too difficult labirint of the Romanian legal system.

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    A lawyer in Romania has the noble mission of working for those who have suffered losses and help them recover them. The full compensation of prejudice is the goal of any self-respecting lawyer. Regardless of whether you are looking for a criminal lawyer or a civil litigation attorney, Adrian Țapu can be your lawyer.

    A successful lawyer and the lawyer of those who win trials.