How to Get a Long Stay Romanian Visa

long stay romanian visa

If you want to stay in Romania for more than 90 days in any given 6 months you will need a long stay Romanian visa. This type of Romanian visa allows you to stay in the country for 90 days and can be renewed multiple times. Consequently, the long stay Romanian visa grants the applicant a right of residence in Romania.
Here is a short guide on the different types of long stay Romanian visas and legal requirements to obtain them.

The Different Types of the Long Stay Romanian Visa

The long stay visas are classified by the purpose of your stay in Romania into the following types:
1. Economic activities visa (marked D/AE) – this visa is granted if you are a third state national intending to carry out economic activities in Romania.
2. Professional activities visa (marked D/AP) – you can be granted this visa if you are a professional and you intend to practice your profession in Romania.
3. Commercial activities visa (marked D/AC) – suitable if you intend to become a shareholder of a Romanian company and/or to hold management positions in a Romanian company.
4. Employment visa (marked D/AM) – you can apply for this type of visa if you will be employed in Romania or if you are a sportsman playing in a Romanian sports club.
5. Secondment visa (marked D/DT) – you can be granted this visa if you are an employee of a foreign company and will carry out your work on Romanian territory.
6. Studies visa (marked D/SD) – you can apply for this type of visa if you intend to take undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate studies in Romania.
7. Family reunification visa (marked D/VF) – this type of visa is granted to family members of Romanian citizens or of holders of temporary residence permits valid for 1 year, EU Blue Cards or ICT permits.
8. Religious activities visa (marked D/AR) – granted to third state nationals who intend to travel to Romania in order to carry out different activities for recognized religious cults, upon request.
9. Scientific research visa (marked D/CS) – you can apply for this type of visa if your stay in Romania will be for scientific research purposes.
10. Long stay visa for other purposes (marked D/AS) – this type of visa can be granted to foreigners whose purpose of travel is not regulated by the other types of visas, but does not breach the Romanian law (e.g. volunteering work or medical treatment).

Procedure and Time Frame

Long term Romanian visa applications are handled by The Inspectorate General for Immigration, under The Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
There are some specific requirements to be met for each type of long stay Romanian visa. As a result, the duration of the application process can vary depending on the type of visa that you apply for.
When determining the time frame for obtaining the Romanian visa, you should also consider the time needed to meet the specific requirements and obtain all the documentation that will be attached to your visa application.
In conclusion, the long stay Romanian visa can be granted for a wide array of purposes. It is especially relevant that you carefully choose the type of visa you will apply for and make sure you can meet all the requirements for your selected type of visa.

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