November 29, 2022
Migrant Smuggling / Traficul de migranți

Migrant Smuggling in Romania

Migrant smuggling has been an ever-increasing phenomenon in recent years. This was generated by various armed conflicts, but it is still an ongoing problem.While some forms of participation can be simple mistakes, most times migrant smuggling is a crime.Because of the fact that Romania has some non-EU borders, smuggling is taken very seriously. Most times,...
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International Child Abduction / Răpirea internațională de copii

International Child Abduction Claims in Romania

International child abduction is regulated by the Hague Convention of 1980.It is defined as the situation in which one parent wrongfully removes or retains a child in another country than its habitual state.While it is often confused with a criminal case, it is simply a civil case. A mechanism that is provisioned to prevent parents...
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