Migrant Smuggling / Traficul de migranți

Migrant Smuggling in Romania

Migrant smuggling has been an ever-increasing phenomenon in recent years. This was generated by various armed conflicts, but it is still an ongoing problem.While some forms of participation can be simple mistakes, most times migrant smuggling is a crime.Because of the fact that Romania has some non-EU borders, smuggling is taken very seriously. Most times, […]

International Child Abduction / Răpirea internațională de copii

International Child Abduction Claims in Romania

International child abduction is regulated by the Hague Convention of 1980.It is defined as the situation in which one parent wrongfully removes or retains a child in another country than its habitual state.While it is often confused with a criminal case, it is simply a civil case. A mechanism that is provisioned to prevent parents […]

Online fraud in Romania / Frauda informatică

Online Fraud in Romania

Online fraud is a very often occurrence in recent years. This may be caused by an increase in the time people spend online, but fraud is the same as it always was.While online fraud is generated from all over the world, Romania is certainly not lacking on this topic. Types of Internet Fraud Online fraud […]

Driving Under the Influence / Conducerea sub influență

Driving Under the Influence in Romania

Driving under the influence can be complicated as Romanian traffic laws are very strict about drunk driving. No amount of alcohol in your blood is permitted when driving.Blood alcohol concentrations between 0 and 0.8 mg/L will result in a civil fine.If a driver’s blood alcohol concentration surpasses the value of 0.8 mg/L, the driver is […]

Regaining Romanian Citizenship / Redobândirea cetățeniei române

Regaining Romanian Citizenship

You can regain Romanian citizenship if you had it and have lost it or if the Romanian state has revoked it.If your parents or grandparents had Romanian citizenship, you can also gain it by proving your ancestry.It is important to note that parts of today’s Ukraine and Moldova were once Romanian territories. Thus, people living […]

Money Laundering in Romania

Money Laundering in Romania

Money laundering basically means bringing amounts of money from crime into the legal economy.Fighting this phenomenon is an international issue, meaning that there are several conventions on it.On the other hand, Romania has in place both mechanisms to avoid this and a criminal incrimination of it. What Actions Are Incriminated According to art. 269 ​​Criminal […]

Recunoașterea hotărârilor străine în România / Recognition of Foreign Court Orders in Romania

Recognition of Foreign Court Orders in Romania

The recognition of foreign court orders is a problem that arises when you want to enforce a decision issued by one state on the territory of another. Court decisions produce effects directly in the country where they were issued. Whether they will produce effects in other countries or not depends on several factors. Among these […]

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Romania

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Romania

Real estate investments in Romania by foreign nationals have always been made. However, whether a foreigner can buy or own real estate in Romania is subject to a few conditions. At first, we must differentiate between buildings and the land they are built on. While foreigners are allowed to own buildings in Romania, not all […]

Setting Up a Company in Romania

Setting Up a Company in Romania

Setting up a company in Romania can bring great opportunities, but it is very important to choose the right type of company for your needs.Romanian legislation regulates different company types, with different purposes and requirements. Types of Companies in Romania The most common company types in Romania are the joint stock company (S.A.) and the […]