Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Romania

Real estate investments in Romania by foreign nationals have always been made. However, whether a foreigner can buy or own real estate in Romania is subject to a few conditions.

At first, we must differentiate between buildings and the land they are built on. While foreigners are allowed to own buildings in Romania, not all of them are allowed to own land.

When it comes to owning land in Romania, the answer differs depending on the nationality of the potential owner.

EU and SEE Citizens

Citizens of the member states of the EU and the EEA are allowed to buy and own land in Romania. This comes as a consequence of Romania joining the EU in 2007.

After 2007, there have been some temporary restrictions related to the types of land that these nationals could own, but these restrictions have been lifted

Citizens of Other States

In regards to citizens of other states, they are allowed to own land in Romania only on the basis of bilateral treaties signed between Romania and the state of their citizenship. In absence of such treaties, foreign citizens can only own buildings and have a temporary right to use the land attributed to said buildings.

What if you are not allowed to own land?

Citizens of the states with which Romania has not signed bilateral treaties granting them the right to own land in Romania have always had the option of registering a Romanian company and, based on the company’s Romanian nationality, owning land via this company. You can find more information about registering a Romanian company here.

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