How to Collect Inheritance in Romania

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How to Collect Inheritance in Romania You can collect your inheritance in Romania either by agreement or through litigation. This depends on whether all the heirs agree on the division of their shares. Who Can Collect Inheritance in Romania If the deceased has drafted a last will or testament, its provisions should make the entire [...]

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Regaining Romanian Citizenship

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Regaining Romanian Citizenship You can regain Romanian citizenship if you had it and have lost it or the Romanian state has revoked it. If your parents or grandparents had Romanian citizenship, you can also gain it by proving your ancestry. It is important to note that parts of today's Ukraine and Moldova were once Romanian [...]

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Divorce Procedures in Romania

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Divorce Procedures in Romania Divorce procedures can be performed in Romania if the marriage was concluded in or recognized by the Romanian state. If the requirements above are met, divorce can either be performed through litigation or by agreement. Divorce in Romania through litigation Whenever the spouses don’t agree on the divorce itself or the [...]

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