Driving Under the Influence in Romania

Romanian traffic laws are very strict about driving under the influence. You are not allowed to drink any amount of alcohol before driving in Romania.

Blood alcohol concentrations between 0 and 0.8 mg/L will result in a civil fine and a suspension of the driver’s license.

If your blood alcohol concentration is greater than 0.8 mg/L, it is considered a crime, punishable under art. 336 of the Romanian Criminal Code.

Criminal Penalty for Drunk Driving

The Romanian Criminal Code provisions a penalty of 1 to 5 years imprisonment or a penal fine for DUI offenses.

Although most of the time drivers such penalties are suspended, thus not carried out in an actual prison, there are cases in which the penalties can be more serious. For instance, prosecution and sentencing may not be so easy in case of a very high blood alcohol concentration or in the event a crash was caused by the drunk driver.

What To Do If You Are Caught Driving Under The Influence

Breath testing for drunk driving is carried out frequently all over Romania. If you have an expired air alcohol concentration higher than 0.4 mg/L, you will be asked to take a blood test. It is important to understand that refusing to take the blood test is a crime as well. Although this refusal is punished within similar limits, it may sometimes be considered a more serious offense.

If are caught driving under the influence, our advice is to cooperate with the police. This means to willingly take the blood test and complying with their legal requests. Cooperation under such circumstances can be regarded as grounds for a lesser sentence.

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