Driving Without a License in Romania

Driving without a license is incriminated as a crime in the Romanian Criminal Code. Therefore, doing this will have you facing a criminal penalty, not just a fine.

Difference to Driving while Your Right to Drive Is Suspended

Driving with no license is not equal to driving with a suspended right to drive. Although it is still a crime, driving while on suspension is distinctly incriminated and bears a lower penalty.

However, driving a vehicle of another category than that of your license will be regarded as driving without a license. This is particularly important if you have a foreign driver’s license as some categories differ.

Penalty for Driving Without a License in Romania

The Romanian Criminal Code provisions a penalty of imprisonment between 1 and 5 years for this crime. Although this crime rarely ends up in actual jail time, it is important to know that this is the case if it is the first offense.

If you are caught multiple times, it is possible that the sentence can only be executory.

In regards to driving a vehicle with a suspended license, this crime bears a penalty of 6 months to 3 years imprisonment or a penal fine.

What Can Be the Outcome

In most cases, despite being incriminated as a crime, this offense will not lead to the actual serving of a prison sentence. Considering the facts, the outcome can be a renunciation of the investigation.  Another option is the conclusion of an agreement of recognition of guilt with a low sentence.

Contrary to the above, if the crime was not the first offense, the chances of getting a low sentence will be drastically reduced.

You will not usually need a lawyer’s assistance for this type of crime. However, in certain situations, it is possible that you could benefit from consulting with a lawyer on the matter.

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