Online fraud is a very often occurrence in recent years. This may be caused by an increase in the time people spend online, but fraud is the same as it always was.
While online fraud is generated from all over the world, Romania is certainly not lacking on this topic.

Types of Internet Fraud

Online fraud is a very general term, with types varying greatly from one to the other.
Some of the most common types are online scams, dating fraud, identity theft, or banking fraud.
Of course, some of these are more common than others.

Where is Online Fraud Investigated

Because the internet connects people worldwide, we can assume that many of them are in different countries. In light of fraud, this means that the perpetrator will most often be in one country, while their victim is in another.
This raises the question of where the crime will be investigated. The answer is usually not a clear one because international crimes can be prosecuted in either country in which at least part of them was committed. For fraud, this means at least the two countries where the parties are.
However, it is usually the country where the perpetrator is that is the better choice. The reason stands in the fact that they can be more easily located and brought before authorities.

How To File a Complaint for Online Fraud

Procedures vary between countries in this regard. In Romania, the victim will have to file a formal complaint before the police or a prosecutor’s office.
It is very important to note that a criminal complaint must be filed in Romanian, as all other documentation. While there is a form on the national police website where people can denounce crimes, this will be incomplete and slow.
We advise sending the formal complaint and documentation directly to the prosecutor’s office, translated into Romanian.

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