Regaining Romanian Citizenship

You can regain Romanian citizenship if you had it and have lost it or if the Romanian state has revoked it.
If your parents or grandparents had Romanian citizenship, you can also gain it by proving your ancestry.
It is important to note that parts of today’s Ukraine and Moldova were once Romanian territories. Thus, people living there had Romanian citizenship.

What You Have To Prove to Get Back Your Citizenship

The requirements for regaining lost Romanian citizenship are quite simple.
If you once had Romanian citizenship, you will have to show that you lost it for reasons that were not your fault. For instance, you can lose citizenship as a child if you are adopted by people of another citizenship.
If your parents or grandparents had Romanian citizenship, you will have to prove your family’s connection to them. On this matter, you should know that many Romanians lost their citizenship during the 20th century for reasons that could not be held against them today. This is the case with people in today’s Ukraine or Moldova.

How to Apply to Regain Romanian Citizenship

In order to apply for citizenship, you will need to prepare a file containing some mandatory documents, like:

  • your identification documents;
  • a criminal record from your country;
  • a statement that you want to reside in Romania or not;
  • a statement that you do not and have not supported actions against the rule of law or national security.

You have to submit your citizenship file personally, with very few exceptions. The application can be filed at the National Authority for Citizenship in Romania. Alternatively, you can file the application at any Romanian consulate abroad.

How Long Will It Take to Regain Citizenship

The law provisions a timeframe of 6 months from the moment of filing your application until the authorities have to solve it. However, this term can be extended and it usually is. Therefore, you should expect it to take longer than those 6 months.

What Do You Have to Do After Regaining Romanian Citizenship

After you get the decree which grants you citizenship, you will first have to take an allegiance oath to the country.

After taking the oath, you will be able to obtain Romanian identification documents.

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