Setting Up a Company in Romania

Setting up a company in Romania can bring great opportunities, but it is very important to choose the right type of company for your needs.
Romanian legislation regulates different company types, with different purposes and requirements.

Types of Companies in Romania

The most common company types in Romania are the joint stock company (S.A.) and the limited liability company (S.R.L.)
While a joint company can be the right investment platform in some instances, the limited liability company is the right company for most needs.

Legal Requirements in Setting Up a Company in Romania

A limited liability company (S.R.L.) can have between a minimum of one and a maximum of 50 shareholders. The minimum trade capital is RON 200 and the shareholders will only be liable for their part of the capital.
As opposed to the S.R.L., a joint stock company needs a minimum of two stockholders. Furthermore, its minimal trade capital is EUR 25000.

Required Documentation to Set Up a Limited Liability Company in Romania

In order to start a Romanian S.R.L. company, you will need to draft its articles of incorporation. This is the main company contract and it regulates the way the company will operate.
In addition to that, authentic statements are required from both shareholders and directors of the company. These statements are made to show personal compliance with the legal requirements to hold such positions. In short, the company’s shareholders and directors must not have been previously convicted for some particular types of crimes.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Company in Romania

The procedure for setting up a company in Romania is done before the Trade Registry.
Normally, from the moment the file is complete, registration of the company should take just three days.
However, because getting the required documentation ready can add to that time, our general time frame estimation for setting up a company in Romania is of two weeks.

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