Shareholder Disagreements in Romanian Companies

Shareholder disagreements can occur for various reasons. While most of them emerge around the direction of the company, there may be more complicated reasons behind them.

Regardless of the exact reason for the occurrence of such disputes, there are a few legal ways to bring them to an end. Although the following solutions may seem final, you must consider the law provisions for the most difficult situations. Of course, the best choice is to handle shareholder disputes out of court. If you have reached a point where this is no longer possible, you should read on.

Shareholder Exclusion

Interfering with the administration of the company can lead to shareholder exclusion. Another reason for exclusion is if a shareholder uses company funds or assets for themselves.

If the shareholder is also a director of the company, they will be excluded if they commit fraud against the company or use its social capital for personal purposes.

Shareholder exclusion is subject to litigation.

Shareholder Withdrawal

A shareholder in a Romanian limited liability company can withdraw from the company for justified reasons.

The courts have stated that serious shareholder disputes can be seen as such reasons. Of course, disputes should be able to disrupt the normal activity and direction of the company. Therefore, not any dispute can be the reason for shareholder withdrawal, only serious disagreements.

Shareholder withdrawal will be subject to litigation.

Dissolution of the Company for Shareholder Disputes

The dissolution of the company is the final solution for shareholder disagreements in Romanian companies.

A court of law can order the dissolution of the company if the disagreements between its shareholders are serious enough to disrupt its activity.

However, you will not be able to obtain the dissolution of the company if it is still operating and registering profits.

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