What To Do If You Are a Crime Victim in Romania

Being the victim of a crime in Romania, like everywhere else in the world, can be a distressing situation. You can find this particularly stressful when you are in a foreign country. The rules that you know may not apply and law enforcement agencies have different procedures.

You can find a short list of things that you can do in the unfortunate case that you might find yourself the victim of a crime in Romania below.

What Can a Victim Do Immediately After a Crime

Violent crimes are rare in today’s Romania and law enforcement agencies are constantly improving their fight against such crimes. However, foreigners sometimes fall prey to petty thefts and fraud. Violent crimes like robberies are not common but can happen.

If you find yourself in the rare event of being the victim of a violent crime, you should immediately call the national emergency number. It is 112 like in most European countries. Police usually arrive within minutes and will most likely take the first measures and advise you to file a complaint.

For smaller crimes like theft and petty fraud, calling the emergency number may not be as effective as finding the nearest police station. You will find someone there at any time and they should at least take your statement about the facts.

Whatever the case, you should try to remember as many details as you can about the event. Time, location, description of perpetrators, and potential witnesses are all details that will be useful to the police.

Filing a Complaint as the Victim of a Crime in Romania

Regardless of calling 112 or going straight to a police station, you will have to file a formal complaint about most crimes. For the more dangerous ones, a complaint may not be required, but you will have to make a full statement of the facts. We advise you to file your complaint as soon as possible after the crimes.

You can also ask for compensation for your damages, be they material or moral. You can do this in your initial statement or at a later time, but not after the first day in court if the case gets sent to trial.

The police will require that you provide contact information. We advise you to make sure to give them correct and updated information.

Furthermore, you should always make sure that you receive a registration number for your complaint and the name of the officer that registered it. This way you can be sure to keep track of the progress of your case.

Can Romanian Police Be Trusted

Yes. Despite the bad reputation that Romanian authorities have made for themselves abroad, most police officers take their job seriously. Most of them will do their best to help you and can be trusted.

You can find contact information for the Romanian police here. Although the agencies’ website provides a contact form and email addresses, their reply can sometimes be slow. Our advice is to either call 112 or go to the local police station, depending on the nature of the crime.

Contacting the Embassy of Your Country

Certain outcomes of crimes abroad can be sorted out with the help of your country’s embassy. For instance, stolen passports or identification documents can be replaced by them.

Upon the gravity of the crime, they can also help you contact family members or provide you with a list of lawyers that they have worked with.

While some embassies have this information readily available on their website, as the U.S. Embassy does here, others will provide the same type of help if you contact them.

If you need more information about this subject, you can contact us at any time. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.