We believe that what matters the most in our line of work is always having our clients’ best interest in mind

This is why we always consider all the possible options for every given case and do our best to help our clients make the best decision when deciding what path to follow. We believe that this is the best way of finding the right solution to every legal matter that we are involved in.

The one thing that we value the most is our clients’ trust, therefore we always prioritize informing them about every detail of their case before making important decisions.

We also believe that a lawyer’s work should always be transparent to their clients because, in the end, it is the client that makes the final choices, but it is also important that these choices are based on a thorough legal assessment of the matter.



I am a fully qualified Romanian lawyer and have been admitted to the Bucharest Bar in 2011.

Since then, I have continuously worked in various areas of the Romanian law, mostly in litigation cases, but also advising clients in matters of civil and business law.

2012 – Master’s Degree in Business Law
2011 – Master’s Degree in Criminal Law
2010 – Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Member of the Bucharest Bar


Member of the Barcelona Bar


HG.org Registered