Getting Arrested in Romania

Getting arrested in Romania is a complicated situation that everyone would rather avoid. If you find yourself in this position, you should know a few things about how Romanian criminal justice works.

How Long Can You Be Arrested For

Arrest warrants are issued for 30 days. However, they can be extended before they expire for up to 30 days each time.

The maximum arrest period during criminal investigations is of 6 months. If the case is sent to trial, the maximum arrest period can be of up to 5 years.

What Crimes Can You Get Arrested For

Legally, getting arrested is an option if you are suspected of any crime that bears a penalty of more than 5 years imprisonment.

However, even if the crime you are suspected of has a lesser penalty, you can still get arrested if you try to run or destroy evidence. You can also get arrested if there is evidence that you are intending to commit a new crime.

Arrest Alternatives in Romania

For serious crimes, most prosecutors will mostly consider the option of an actual arrest. However, the Romanian Criminal Code contains some other options for this measure.

For instance, instead of getting arrested, you can be put on house arrest or controlled freedom.

While controlled freedom can have some strict limitations, judges tend to find it less effective when it comes to serious crimes.

House arrest, on the other hand, can be deducted from a penalty if the case ends with one.

A judge can choose to replace an arrest warrant with any of these two alternative measures.

What To Do if You Get Arrested in Romania

Coming from a lawyer this may sound like a call to action, but you already know the first thing you should do if you get arrested. Call a lawyer.

Arrest warrants are not issued for petty crimes. They are also not issued in cases in which there is no proof. Therefore, trying to represent yourself in a case in which you may be getting arrested in Romania is not a valid option. Seek counsel immediately.

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